Filled up by hollowness, like the one provoked when stopping in the middle of the highway to face an infinite horizon, and the greatness of your surroundings stands next to your insignificant size. 


That’s what you feel when you are in front of the Yellow House. 


It is a brick and cement building, it reminds you of a hospital or a parking lot; a stable and solid building, something permanent even if it’s still unfinished. There are no doors, the windows are broken, and big holes travel through the walls which are crowded with corners. 


The Yellow House inhabits possibilities: the holes on the walls could be transparent windows that allow reaching to foreign intimacies or heavy wooden doors that separate worlds. Everything here is only possibilities, feelings of emptiness emerging from a shell structure. [obra negra]


Actually, the house is dirty white, tainted by time, but my memory of it is yellowish. Not a warm nor dense yellow, but one worn down, mixed with cement and scrambled with tones of white, grey and black. The abandonment consumed – slowly - the original color, letting inside stories from the past that were hidden within the layers of paint. In the same way, the Earth – the origin of space – recovered its authority during the years of abandonment. Now you can see the plants and herbs, not of small size but quite significant, meddling between the cracks of the walls, flirting with the stability of the frames, and reclaiming their presence in the most hidden of places. 


The image of abandonment: a landscape of previous human presence – the idea of a home or a shelter – and the cement are intertwined with nature which seems to want to kick us out. It has, in a chaotic but sensitive manner, regained its dominance over the House, over the concrete and thus opposing the ridiculous idea that human power is stronger than her, an entity which is endless and undefinable.


When you’re inside you feel an overwhelming nostalgia. 

You live the memories of a peak-time that was demolished by time. 


Playing to be daunting, we decided to stop abandoning and begin living. 

We decided to stay and dance surrounded by the trash, the green and the memories.