proposal | reimagining museums for climate action 

Collaborative Speculation Towards Bewildering Becomings

We were conflicted about placing museums at the center of climate action. What is their agency when subdued by the same financial structures in which we are all emerged in? Maybe we need to push them into financial ruin and make them capitalist waste to have a chance to co-inhabit them disparately. We chose to resist rebranding and dive into a process of decomposition which became speculative and collaborative research that fostered dialogue and exchange between sensations, feelings, and impulses. Through this process, instead of making museums a new object to praise, we speculated about transforming them into places where we can mourn our current understanding of Nature and our own Humanity. We believe that the current crisis we face is intrinsically linked to our incapacity to desire differently. Museums are places of desire and imaginaries, thus we can transform them into places where we can build parliaments of new sensitivities, where human and non-human entities have political power and can dialogue breaking current political hierarchies. Firstly though, we need to address the traumas of collective and individual dehumanization, we propose imagining museums as temporary cemeteries of our human condition, where we can celebrate a wake that welcomes the uncertainty of an intentional shattering of the self.

This proposal was selected to be exhibited at the Glasgow Science Center in 2021 as part of the project Reimagining Museums for Climate Action. You can access more information about the initiative here

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