While diversity is inherent to humanity and the planet, our societies have been built according to hegemonic models of functionality, body types, and gender. 


Architecture and anatomy are political cartographies that organize and qualify our practices: public or private, institutional or domestic, social or intimate, able and disabled (P. Preciado)


CO.MUN (a wordplay with the word ‘comun’ which is Spanish for common) aims to deconstruct the heteronormative hegemonic standards that are engrained in the physical and intangible infrastructures we live with, to reconfigure communities through the transformation of space. We stick with the conflict, create within it, and understand inclusion as an unfinished task, not a goal but an ongoing process; we are building platforms where it can be performed.


collaborative / creative / site-specific research 

We seek to contribute to more inclusive ways of living, where all human and non-human diversities are equally considered, where no norm is privileged, thus when we talk about inclusion we conceive it as a process enabled through unfinished and fluid platforms. In our projects, we intervene and reconfigure specific places to try to regenerate the ecosystems they belong to. We are critical towards sustainability, we ask for whom? and we believe that if we change the way we think and create, by doing it collectively and through empathy, we can go beyond sustainability and trigger long-term regeneration. We want to apply our research methodologies to study and transform all places that regulate our bodies and identities, particularly those that are institutional containers of power such as jails, schools, hospitals, foster homes, or public offices.


By collaborative we mean that users-inhabitants-stakeholders take active participation in all the stages of the project: field research, analysis, dialogue, defining guidelines, prototyping, testing, and building. This process also strives for the creation of ephemeral communities with locals to actively count on their contribution, and foster the project's long-term appropriation.


By creative we mean that we make knowledge through a disruptive process sustained by inter and trans-disciplinary exchange and iteration between experiential and theoretical knowledge. Intuition, improvisation, sensation, subjectivity fuels the research and theories in a non-assistance base manner; creative practices of writing, acting, music, photo, dance are constant in the research process.


By site-specific, we mean materiality that surrounds us informs constantly our being so, we address space and infrastructure to discuss and act upon specific issues. It’s also a matter of scale and understanding that our bodies and presence are both knowledge-making and narrative-assimilating processes. 


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co.mun is made by Patricia Santillán, Ximena Díaz, Valeria Ramos, and Regina Díaz